Product Spotlight: Waterpik

What is a Waterpik? 

A Waterpik is basically a water flosser - a device you can use at home to improve your oral health. Waterpiks use a stream of pulsating water to clean plaque and leftover food particles between teeth as well as underneath the gums. Since its inception in 1962 by a dentist from Fort Collins, (CO Pride what what!) there has been a plethora of studies demonstrating the effectiveness of a Waterpik for those w mild and severe gum disease, braces, crowns, diabetes and even dental implants!


Let's face it, very few people have the persistence, discipline, and manual dexterity to use string floss effectively everyday. By using a Waterpik, one thing we can say for sure is that if included in your home care regimen, it will not only make the process more comfortable, but it will also be more effective than using traditional floss. We recommend one to all our patients!

Check out this video demonstrating the power of a Waterpik: